Arizona, USA

(by ~ Floydian ~ )

A place I love to call home.

"True spiritual love transcends religious differences."
- Awakened Vibraitons (via awakenedvibrations)

Photos I found at my aunties house. Me, mama, older sister, younger sister. Circa 1996ish

Just got back.
Face is washed, bed is set.
Me and Nate decided were probably not going to hang out for awhile.
He said as he’s walking away from me “I’ll see you at edc or hard! I’m gonna find my bae!”
It’s hilarious because he’s so serious.
He likes me, I don’t like him.
I can’t do that to him, so it was a mutual agreement.
Good weekend though.
He makes me laugh way too much.
He was driving me crazy in the gas station.
So many memories.
Good night friends.