What I realized is drawing me toward the earthly path rather than the righteous is 



both go hand in hand, in my circumstance.

worry is created from fear. 

I become afraid to make things happen. plan.  Because I worry that I’m not good enough or that I am not fit for the job. Or whatever it may be.

But our Creator, father in heaven says “Whatever you do, do with all your mind and heart.” He says that! He also says He will ALWAYS be there. And He also says “Blessed are those who have faith but cannot see. For they will gain the crown of life.” (in my own words)

But we all need to be reminded of this.

He has written these on my heart so I can remember them, when I feel I am in the worst state. 

This weekend I got the stomach flu.

Last weekend caused it because I was SO exhausted and stressed from moving and being scared of what was to come.

But going to church today refreshed me. I felt HAPPY.JOYFUL.

something I kept being told by satan that I didn’t deserve to feel.

But I know I’m loved. I know YOU’RE loved.

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